Autopsy and investigation launched after fatal accident involving Favara drivers and migrant bus

Two drivers from Favara died in a fatal car accident on the A1 highway near Fiano Romano, Rome. The bus, belonging to the Agrigento prefecture, was transporting migrants from Porto Empedocle to the reception centers in Piedmont when it collided head-on with a heavy vehicle. Both drivers, Alberto Vella (34 years old) and Davide Giudice (known as Daniel, 32 years old), employed by Patti Tour, lost their lives in the violent crash. The Rieti prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation to determine the cause of the accident and the drivers’ deaths. Currently, there are no suspects, but the charges being considered are vehicular manslaughter and unintentional personal injury. Vella was driving at the time, and the two would switch during the trip. Both drivers were aboard when their bus collided with a truck and overturned. In addition to the two fatalities, 25 migrants were injured.

Gli autisti di Favara morti nell’incidente con l’autobus dei migranti: sarà effettuata l’autopsia, aperta un’inchiesta

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