Author Barbara Giangravè vents frustration: “Never received a single euro from the Region”

This article features Barbara Giangravè, a journalist and writer from Palermo, who is participating in a project called “Artisan Entrepreneurs” funded by the Sicilian Region with European funds. She has not received any of the monthly allowances promised to participants and despite reaching out to the project managers, she has not received any response. She has also contacted the President of the Region and the general director of the labor department to address the issue.

Giangravè, who has completed orientation and training courses on baking, is currently working in a bakery as part of the project. She should have already received payment for the training and orientation, as well as a monthly payment of 650 euros for the internship, but she has not received any payment. She is determined to find out why the project, funded with European money from 5 years ago, does not have the necessary funds to pay for the training entities, instructors, and participants.

Despite her efforts, Giangravè’s concerns have not been addressed by the Region, so she has reported the situation to the European Commission, which provides the funding. She hopes that the President will show the same interest in how the funds are being used.

Formazione, lo sfogo della scrittrice e corsista Barbara Giangravè: «Mai ricevuto un euro dalla Regione»

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