Aurelio Grimaldi’s last take on Depistaggio Borsellino: “I recount facts, not reveal mysteries”

The article talks about the conclusion of the filming of Aurelio Grimaldi’s new film, “Depistaggio Borsellino”. The last scene was shot yesterday at 1 pm after five weeks of filming in various locations in Sicily. The film aims to tell the facts without revealing mysteries, with a high-level cast including David Coco in the role of the protagonist. The director revealed that there is also some autobiographical elements in the film. The idea for the film came about when David Coco invited Grimaldi to an event about the Borsellino case, organized by the then president of the regional anti-mafia commission Claudio Fava. The director studied extensively and collaborated with various individuals, including the children of the late judge Borsellino, prosecutor Sergio Lari, and lawyer Fabio Trizzino. Grimaldi emphasized the importance of believing in the rule of law and being antifascist, especially for young people. Coco expressed his emotions and privilege in portraying Paolo Borsellino, while young actor Vittorio Magazzù acknowledged his newfound awareness of the tragic events in via D’Amelio.

Depistaggio Borsellino, ultimo ciak per Aurelio Grimaldi: «Racconto fatti, non svelo misteri»

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