Attempted theft with smash and grab on Prince Belmonte Street in Palermo, arrested in the act

Another theft in Palermo using the “smash and grab” method. The window of a hardware store on Via Principe di Belmonte was damaged. The strong police presence in the area, in this case in the Borgo Vecchio neighborhood, allowed the police to intervene in time.

The officers from the Central and Oreto Police Department were able to stop the man, a homeless foreign citizen who was irregular on national territory, who had already damaged and almost broken the window. When he saw the officers, the man tried to flee towards Via Principe di Scordia but was immediately caught by the police. He resisted arrest vigorously, but was unable to avoid capture and was arrested.

Near the store, the officers found a large stone that would have certainly allowed the thief to enter the store and steal. The immediate trial is scheduled for the next few hours.

Tentato furto con spaccata in via Principe di Belmonte a Palermo, arrestato in flagranza di reato

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