Attempted robbery in Gela, two minors arrested

Two minors, a seventeen-year-old and a sixteen-year-old, have been arrested by the police following a precautionary measure order issued by the judge for preliminary investigations at the Juvenile Court of Caltanissetta, at the request of the local Prosecutor’s Office for Juveniles, for attempted robbery and illegal possession of a gun in collusion. The two minors, for whom the precautionary measure of house arrest has been ordered, are believed to be the perpetrators of the attempted aggravated robbery committed on April 23rd against a commercial activity on Manzoni Street in Gela. The cashier’s action, which energetically repelled them, caused the two robbers to retreat, forcing them to flee. The investigations carried out by the police officers of the Investigative Team of the Gela Public Security Commissioner’s Office, have allowed to identify the two minors through various images recorded by surveillance cameras, which reconstructed all their movements. The Judge for preliminary investigations, accepting the requests of the Prosecutor’s Office, has applied the precautionary measure of house arrest against the two minors.

Tentata rapina a Gela, arrestati due minorenni

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