Attempted gas station robbery in Misilmeri foiled by system that stains banknotes: thieves flee

They attempted a robbery at the Q8 gas station located on State Road 121 in Misilmeri, but then abandoned the loot stained by the anti-robbery system. It happened at night, when the criminals broke the window of a shed behind the plant.

They searched the area used as an administrative office and then disconnected the cables from the control unit connected to one of the safes. They were well equipped: using a flex, they managed to open one of the safes, which contained about twenty-five thousand euros. However, the security alarm triggered the device that stains the banknotes and most of the loot was left on the spot, while the rest is unusable.

The robbery went up in smoke, but now it is a hunt for those who took action. The carabinieri intervened on site and found the money abandoned on the ground. The military carried out the surveys and started the investigations to identify the responsible parties. The security camera footage from the gas station is being reviewed, which could have captured the criminals.

Tentano l’assalto al distributore di benzina a Misilmeri, ma scatta il sistema che macchia le banconote: ladri in fuga

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