Attempt to kill ex-husband of partner, stopped in Catania

An article reporting that a 37-year-old man, Paolo Aloisio, was arrested by the police in Catania on charges of stabbing his ex-wife’s former husband on March 13th. He is accused of attempted aggravated murder. The investigation revealed that the attack stemmed from family issues concerning visits between the victim and the two-year-old daughter from his ex-wife’s current relationship with Aloisio. The police started their investigation after receiving a report from the San Marco hospital where the injured man was being treated for multiple stab wounds. The victim informed the police that he was attacked by his ex-wife’s partner on Pacinotti street. The investigators obtained security camera footage from a nearby store showing the events leading up to the stabbing, the attack, and the aftermath, as well as finding the weapon used in the crime.

Tenta di uccidere l’ex marito della compagna, fermato a Catania

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