Assessor Edy Tamajo intervenes on Palermo Pride: “No political color, everyone is invited”

The article expresses the warm wishes of the Sicilian Regional Minister for Economic Development, Edy Tamajo, to all participants of Palermo Pride 2024. Tamajo emphasizes that Pride is a fundamental moment to claim the rights of all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other personal characteristic. The event is seen as an opportunity for inclusion, respect, and recognition of civil rights. Tamajo also highlights the importance of Pride as a celebration in favor of a more equitable community and a call for equality and social justice. The Minister encourages citizens to participate in the event with a spirit of solidarity and sharing, in hopes of building a more fair and inclusive society.

Palermo, sul Pride interviene l’assessore Edy Tamajo: «Non ha colore politico, invito a partecipare»

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