Arsenal discovered in Catania: 8 people linked to mafia clan arrested, including a minor.

Yesterday evening (December 11), the Carabinieri of the Etna Provincial Command seized weapons, ammunition, and drugs in a villa in the village of Campo di Mare in Catania. Eight people were arrested, seven with previous convictions aged between 21 and 31, and one seventeen-year-old with no prior record. They are all believed to be associated with the Cursoti Milanese clan. The arrested individuals will be charged with illegal possession of firearms, receiving stolen goods, and possession of drugs for trafficking. The operation involved the Carabinieri’s first response unit and a specialized unit established after the 2015 Paris attacks to intervene in high-risk situations and prevent or contain acts of terrorism. The seized items included a Tanfoglio 7.65 caliber semi-automatic pistol, a Model 75 9mm semi-automatic pistol with the serial number erased, and a Beretta 7.65 caliber pistol with the serial number erased, as well as 4 magazines with 60 bullets. Additionally, the Carabinieri seized 30 bullets of various calibers hidden in a kitchen cabinet and some doses of marijuana in a drawer. The eight arrested individuals have been imprisoned and are now at the disposal of the judicial authority. The arrest has been validated for the adults, and custody has been ordered in prison, while for the minor, the juvenile judicial authority has validated the arrest and ordered custody in a juvenile detention center.

Scoperto un arsenale a Catania: arrestate otto persone vicine a un clan mafioso, fra loro un minorenne incensurato

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