Arrests in Liguria: ties to mafia. Who are the ruthless brothers from Riesi and the lady of Cosa Nostra

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The Cammarata clan of Riesi, affiliated with Cosa Nostra, implicated in the Genoa investigation involving the institutional leaders of Liguria, is one of the most ruthless, dangerous, and powerful in Sicily.

At the head of the clan is Pino Cammarata, considered the boss of the Mafia. Alongside him, his brothers Vincenzo and Francesco, all serving life sentences and held in the high security prison 41 bis. The so-called “terrible brothers” have managed illicit trafficking in the area for years and have been involved in heinous crimes. At this time, the seventy-year-old sister of the three bosses, Maria Catena, known as the “Lady of Cosa Nostra,” is under house arrest on charges of belonging to a Mafia association. Just a few months ago, she was sentenced to 11 years in prison for Mafia-related offenses.

After the arrest of the three brothers, according to investigators, she was the one managing the family’s business. The Cammarata clan was one of the main players in the mafia war that erupted in Nisseno in the 1990s.

A war between Cosa Nostra on one side and the “stiddari” on the other. For years, the Cammarata clan dominated the territory, but after the violent feud of those years, it also suffered severe blows from the State. To escape capture, fear of being killed, or after years in prison, many affiliates and men of honor left Riesi to continue their illicit activities in northern Italy.

Gli arresti in Liguria: i legami con la mafia. Chi sono i fratelli spietati di Riesi e la signora di Cosa nostra

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