Arrest made in Gela after shooting incident in city center: charged with triple attempted murder.

A citizen from Gela has been arrested for the crimes of triple attempted aggravated murder and possession of a firearm in a public place, with the endorsement of the investigating judge at the Gela Court. The arrest and application of the precautionary custody measure in jail were made possible by the convergence of evidence collected by the police. The man, who was initially considered to be a fugitive, eventually turned himself in at the Gela police station on the evening of October 19th accompanied by his lawyer. The public surveillance camera in the vicinity of the attack location helped identify the perpetrator. The Prosecutor’s Office of Gela also highlights the highly prevalent phenomenon in the court district of Gela of the widespread availability of illegally held firearms, which some individuals resort to in order to settle long-standing disputes or any other minor disputes or misunderstandings in interpersonal relationships. The use of illegally held weapons is a serious social concern, and the Prosecutor’s Office and all law enforcement agencies are committed to continuously combating and upholding the law.

Gela, sparatoria in pieno centro urbano: arrestato per triplice tentato omicidio

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