Arrest made after 60 doses of cocaine found behind armored door in Catania

The Carabinieri of the Fontanarossa Company in Catania blocked a site set up for the sale of cocaine and marijuana inside a condominium on Viale Grimaldi, in the Librino district, and arrested a 23-year-old Catania man for “possession and trafficking of narcotics, who already had similar police records. The military noticed a coming and going of “clients” inside that building for a few minutes, just enough time to pay and receive the dose and then leave. The selling point was in fact the entrance of the condominium stairs, protected by a closed iron gate with a small opening. The residents of that condominium were hostages of the drug dealer, as they were forced to witness the drug trade and even wait for his permission to enter and leave the building. The military raided the entrance hall of the building, catching the drug dealer with a bag of his “merchandise” in hand.

Immediately blocked and secured, he was searched and inside the bag were found two plastic containers containing a total of 64 doses of cocaine and 31 of marijuana, while in the jacket pockets the sum of 525 euros, surely the proceeds of his illegal activity, as well as a notebook with notes on the transactions related to the sale of narcotics. He is now under house arrest.

Catania, 60 dosi di cocaina dietro la porta blindata: arrestato

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