Architects ready to save the seaside workshop: Presti wants to shut it down after Nas raid.

The architects of Palermo are ready to intervene to fix the Atelier sul mare in Castel di Tusa, the hotel known because each room is a work of art. Antonio Presti, patron entrepreneur and creator of Fiumara d’arte, has decided not to continue the activity after the Nas carried out an inspection and found irregularities in the structure regarding safety regulations. Presti is now facing bureaucratic difficulties to comply and the cost of renovation is high. For these reasons, he has expressed the intention to close the atelier-hotel opened 40 years ago. Architect and intellectual Iano Monaco from Palermo intervened on social media regarding the closure of the Atelier. In a lengthy post, he launched a message of hope to his friend Antonio Presti, promising concrete help from himself and other architect colleagues, both bureaucratic and financial, through fundraising and other means, to avoid closure. Monaco praises Presti for his contributions to Sicily and urges him not to give up, offering assistance to overcome the situation, including consulting with local authorities, evaluating costs, and launching a campaign for support and crowdfunding. He assures Presti that he and others in the profession are standing by his side and will not leave him alone.

Gli architetti pronti a salvare l’atelier sul mare: Presti vuole chiuderlo dopo il blitz dei Nas

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