Approval of detention for Reset worker in Palermo after attacking son-in-law

The judge of the court of Palermo validated the detention ordered in prison for a 64-year-old employee of Reset and his 22-year-old son who assaulted a relative of theirs in Viale dell’Olimpo, seemingly for economic reasons. The two, accused of attempted murder, answered the judge’s questions. The victim is the son-in-law of the Reset worker, who was discharged on Friday with a prognosis of 30 days after being hit by a car while cycling, then beaten with a stick and finally sprayed with fertilizer on his face. During the assault, the daughter of the worker was also injured, as she was also cycling with her husband. The two injured were assisted by a passing lawyer and were transported to Villa Sofia hospital. The lawyer for the two suspects will file a request to the Review court to revoke the precautionary measure or, alternatively, to apply house arrest. The investigations into the assault are being conducted by the police.

Aggredì il genero, convalidato il fermo per l’operaio della Reset di Palermo

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