Antonio Presti: Art’s Don Quixote – A timeless battle between beauty and rules

Antonio Presti, a champion for art and beauty, has faced numerous obstacles and battles with administrations to prevent the art of Fiumara from being forgotten or destroyed. Despite receiving support from the President of the Region and President of the Order of Architects in Palermo, Presti is tired and disillusioned. He has closed his Atelier on the silent sea in Castel di Tusa, and may not reopen. Recent inspections by the authorities found electrical and facility issues, and the local municipality did not authorize the reopening of his art-filled hotel. Feeling betrayed, Presti believes that the system rejects and destroys acts of giving beauty. He has always made ethical choices and found ethics in aesthetics. Throughout the years, the Fiumara has faced bombings and attacks, but Presti remains committed to protecting and preserving the art. He questions whether it is the institutions or the community that has abandoned the Fiumara. Despite the challenges, Presti hopes to see the completion of the Fiumara’s restoration. He emphasizes the lack of support and protection from the local community and authorities, while praising the embrace and respect shown by the community in Librino. Presti appreciates the unexpected support from the President of the Region, who has pledged assistance for other approved Fiumara artworks.

Antonio Presti, il Don Chisciotte dell’arte: un’eterna lotta fra bellezza e regole

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