Antonini’s passion for his Trapani team knows no bounds

Trapani enjoyed their seventh victory of the season with a convincing 4-0 win over Locri. Trapani dominated the match from start to finish, with Locri struggling to defend against them. Oliver Kragl scored a brace in the first half, while Besmir Balla and Mascari scored in the second half. Trapani also hit the woodwork three times and missed several other chances. The team, under the leadership of President Valerio Antonini, has been on a winning streak, with 11 consecutive victories and only one goal conceded. Antonini praised the squad, mentioning the depth of the team with around 30 players and believing that there are no limits for the team. Trapani currently sits in second place, but with a win in their upcoming match, they could move to the top of the league table. Before that, they have a Coppa Italia Serie D match against Sancataldese. The match has been scheduled in the evening to accommodate more spectators, with affordable ticket prices expected to attract another large crowd.

Antonini stravede per il suo Trapani: «Non ci sono limiti per questa squadra»

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