Another smash and grab theft in progress in Finocchiaro Aprile, Palermo

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Another smash-and-grab robbery has occurred at a phone shop on Finocchiaro Aprile street, near the courthouse in Palermo. The thieves targeted the Asia repairs store and stole money and cell phones. The investigation into the theft is being conducted by the carabinieri, who have acquired footage from the surveillance cameras.

The phenomenon of smash-and-grab robberies is on the rise in Palermo, with dozens of cases reported in recent months. The latest incident occurred just last Friday (June 7th), when thieves broke into the Giglio Piccolo store on Mordini Square. It was discovered that the perpetrators had previously stolen a Fiat 500 and a Giulietta, using the vehicles as battering rams. They smashed the window and made off with clothing and merchandise of undisclosed value, leaving behind significant damage.

Ancora un furto con spaccata a Palermo, colpo in corso Finocchiaro Aprile

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