Another agent attacked by a prisoner in Enna prison

The deputy chief coordinator of the prison police was attacked by a foreign inmate with psychiatric problems at the Luigi Bodenza prison in Enna. The secretary of Sappe for Sicily, Calogero Navarra, made this known. The inmate took advantage of the moment when he was let out to the courtyard and unexpectedly punched the officer without any reason. The inmate had been previously reported for psychiatric observation in a specialized facility, but no action was taken. Navarra emphasizes the inefficiency of the prison administration, which puts its employees in danger on a daily basis. He calls for immediate action to stop these violent incidents and questions how much longer the prison staff can withstand the ongoing emergency situation in the region. He also demands that the ministerial offices take necessary actions.

Un altro agente aggredito da un detenuto nel carcere di Enna

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