Amap director and Tek entrepreneur among new suspects in Casteldaccia massacre

The search for responsibilities in the massacre of Casteldaccia does not stop. There are two more suspects in addition to Nicolò Di Salvo, a partner of the Quadrifoglio Group company in Partinico, who had subcontracted the work from Tek Infrastrutture Srl. They are engineer Amap Gaetano Rotolo, works director and safety officer, and anti-mafia entrepreneur Giovanni Anselmo, owner of Tek in San Cipirello.

Yesterday, the magistrates went to the headquarters of the state-owned company in Via Volturno, acquired more documents related to the contract and subcontracting of the works that cost the lives of five fathers: Epifanio Alsazia, 71 years old, co-owner of Quadrifoglio; Giuseppe Miraglia, 47 years old, Roberto Raneri, 51 years old, Ignazio Giordano, 57 years old, and Giuseppe La Barbera, 29 years old. In the Tek headquarters, in a side street of Via Leonardo da Vinci, the police officers of the mobile squad went to notify the act. As anticipated in recent days by the Giornale di Sicilia, Rotolo has been suspended from his position. This has already happened in 2016 for another incident.

Il direttore Amap e l’imprenditore di Tek: i nuovi indagati per la strage a Casteldaccia

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