Altavilla massacre: graves found to bury Barreca siblings

The bodies of Kevin and Emanuel Barreca, the two brothers killed in February along with their mother Antonella Salamone, will be buried tomorrow in the cemetery of Altavilla Milicia. The coffins were in storage because there were no available burial plots. The administration led by Pino Virga has managed to find new places for all six bodies that were in storage, and tomorrow the two brothers will also find rest in their graves provided by the administration.

The mother’s remains are still at the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the Policlinico hospital. Examinations are still ongoing.

The father of the brothers, Giovanni Barreca, and their 17-year-old sister are under investigation and in prison for the murders. Sabrina Fina and Massimo Carandente, the couple of religious fanatics, have also been arrested and are in prison, accused of participating in the murder during an exorcism.

La strage di Altavilla, trovate le tombe per seppellire i due fratellini Barreca

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