Altavilla massacre: Barreca inquires about his daughter but is not repentant, claims “the devil was in the house”

Explain to me briefly the following article:

“The father of the murdered family, who participated in a fatal exorcism, shows no remorse and thanks his accomplices. He met with his lawyer, Giancarlo Barracato, and mentioned that everyone believed there was a devil in their house, including one of his sons who died in the incident. He thanked his accomplices but seems conflicted about their involvement. He also mentioned a phone call between one of the accomplices and an unknown person after his wife’s death.

The investigation is ongoing with phone analysis and autopsies, and further examinations will be conducted on the mother’s remains. The accomplices are set to meet with their lawyer in prison on Friday.”

Translated into English.

La strage di Altavilla, Barreca chiede della figlia ma non è pentito: «In casa c’era il diavolo…»

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