Altavilla couple denies being at massacre villa: phone records analysis awaited

The evidence could come from the phone records that will have to “tell” the movements of Sabrina Fina and Massimo Carandente, the couple accused of participating, along with the admirer of Altavilla Milicia Giovanni Barreca, in the crazy exorcism that ended in the murders of the man’s wife and two children.

While the builder’s lawyer has chosen the line of mental illness, appointing two psychologists to assess Barreca’s capacity to understand and want, the lawyer of Fina and Carandente, Marco Rocca, is about to formalize the request for questioning of his clients who want to give their version to the Termini Imerese Prosecutor’s Office.

The couple admits to having frequented Barreca’s house where the “prayer rituals” took place – the three suspects were convinced that the victims were possessed by the devil – but deny participating in the violence and, above all, being in the house at the time of the crimes. To support their version of events, the cell phone records, which allow the phones to be located based on the cells connected, will be crucial. The lawyer spoke with Fina in recent days and is waiting to hear from her partner to put the request for questioning in writing and prepare a defense strategy.

Altavilla, la coppia nega di essere stata nella villa del massacro: attesa per le analisi dei tabulati telefonici

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