Almaviva call center in Palermo at risk of 400 job losses: “Forgotten by the State”

The article talks about the situation of workers at the Plaza Hotel in via Gallo, Palermo, who work for the call center Almaviva and are at risk of being laid off due to the expiration of social clauses on September 30th. The workers are facing difficulties, with some being in temporary layoff and struggling to make ends meet. The government had promised to make the service provided by the workers a permanent one, but instead announced its closure by December 31st, 2022. The workers are feeling abandoned by the government and are demanding support and political action from authorities to help them find new job opportunities. The situation has been described as a typical case in Italy where workers are used by the state until they are no longer needed, leaving them without job security.

Call center Almaviva di Palermo, in 400 rischiano il posto di lavoro: «Dimenticati dallo Stato»

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