Alessandra’s face tells a story of depression in a mural in Palermo’s Ballarò district

The neighborhood of Albergheria in Palermo is now home to a new symbol of hope and solidarity with the creation of a mural titled “Con Passione” (With Passion) in the alley of Benedettini. Created by Igor Scalisi Palminteri, the mural addresses the delicate and universal theme of depression. It serves as a reflection on human fragility and a tribute to the memory of Alessandra, a woman who was thoughtfully collaborated with Giuliano, her partner, in the creation of the mural. The project aims to shed light on the fragility of not only Alessandra but also many others who have experienced the darkness of depression. The mural is a means of promoting awareness and sensitization about the difficulties faced by individuals in the historic district of Albergheria. The creation of the mural also served as a catalyst for the community to join together and clean up the neglected area, emphasizing the importance of caring for both the physical spaces and the individuals who inhabit them. Through this artwork, Igor Scalisi Palminteri hopes to ignite a conversation about the neglect faced by communities and to encourage the community to come together and support those struggling against abandonment and degradation. The Ballarò neighborhood, where the mural is located, has embraced “Con Passione” as a symbol of resilience, compassion, and an effort to build a more inclusive and caring community. The initiative is seen as an act of love and compassion, embodying the values that Alessandra always believed in. The neighborhood hopes that this mural will remind people that even in the face of tragedy, there is beauty and grace in every existence. By taking care of neglected spaces and communities, they are fighting against indifference and creating a sense of belonging. The initiative recognizes that this battle may seem futile to some, but it is a necessary step in building a better future. The memory of Alessandra and the mural’s message will endure and continue to inspire even in the face of the world’s challenges.

Palermo, a Ballarò un murales racconta la depressione con il volto di Alessandra

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