Agrigento: Vandalism and Car Damage leads to Hospitalization

Chaos on Manzoni Street in Agrigento. A 40-year-old woman vandalized the entrance door of a store and the owners’ car parked on the roadside. According to initial reports, she approached the entrance and for no apparent reason began spraying red paint with a can. She then did the same to the owners’ car and damaged its bodywork with a sharp object. The police were immediately alerted and found the woman in a agitated state, screaming without explaining her actions. An ambulance was called and she was transported to the emergency room at “San Giovanni di Dio” hospital. The carabinieri from the mobile unit and the Agrigento police station arrived and apprehended the woman. She has been charged with aggravated damage. The police are also investigating if there have been previous disputes between the woman and the store owners.

Agrigento, imbratta l’ingresso di un negozio e danneggia l’auto dei proprietari: poi finisce in ospedale

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