Agrigento: Fisherman’s missing boat found, but no sign of Salvatore Cefalù

The small boat of the missing fisherman Salvatore Cefalù has been found off the coast of San Leone in Agrigento, Italy. The boat was found semi-upturned and tangled in fishing nets, along with the fisherman’s jacket and boots. Salvatore’s family reported him missing on the eve of the Immaculate Conception after he failed to return home. Salvatore, a skilled fisherman from Termini Imerese, has been living in Porto Empedocle with his family for several years. Search and rescue efforts, including coast guard patrol boats, a helicopter, and local fishing vessels, are underway. Divers from the Palermo fire department are also searching the sea floor for any sign of the fisherman. Salvatore’s family is hopeful that he has been rescued and has made a public appeal for information on social media.

Agrigento: trovata la barca del pescatore scomparso, ma di Salvatore Cefalù nessuna traccia

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