Agrigento driver loses license twice in 24 months before retrieving first one.

Singular episode in Agrigento, where a man has been stopped for drunk driving twice in the span of two years, and his license was revoked in both cases. The peculiarity is that the thirty-three-year-old man from Agrigento had not yet retrieved his license after it was taken away the first time.

The man was stopped by traffic police for a check and, after undergoing a breathalyzer test, tested positive. For this reason, he received another citation for driving under the influence in addition to having his new license revoked, which he had not yet retrieved after it was suspended two years earlier for the same reason.

The thirty-year-old man was therefore deemed a repeat offender, was reported to the public prosecutor’s office for drunk driving, and the new license, not yet collected at the motor vehicle office, was blocked.

Agrigento, patente tolta due volte in 24 mesi: non aveva ancora ritirato la prima alla motorizzazione

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