Agrigento: 62-year-old dies day after hospital discharge, doctor under investigation

There is a suspect in the death of a 62-year-old woman from Canicattì, who died the day after being discharged from the San Giovanni di Dio hospital in Agrigento. The suspect is a doctor from the emergency room of the Barone Lombardo hospital in Canicattì. The investigation is to guarantee the doctor the opportunity to participate in the autopsy examination. The autopsy will be conducted by a forensic doctor appointed by the prosecutor in response to the family’s complaint. The woman had sought treatment for back pain at the hospital and was given painkillers before being discharged and eventually passing away. The family wants to understand if there is a correlation between these events, so the prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation, seized the body, and ordered the autopsy to be performed the following day. Additionally, the woman’s medical records have been seized by the police.

Agrigento: morì a 62 anni il giorno dopo le dimissioni dall’ospedale, indagato un medico

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