After 15 years, Palermo returns ex English Garden greenhouse to the city.

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A rediscovered beauty, a piece of history, a jewel of architecture and botany. The greenhouse of Piersanti Mattarella Park in Palermo, the former English Garden, after 15 years of neglect and abandonment, has been returned to the city and its residents. The restoration was carried out by Vivi Sano, a third sector association that has requalified and manages the health park and the park of sounds.

“This cultural and environmental asset of great historical and architectural value by Basile in the second half of the 19th century sees the light again,” explains Daniele Giliberti of Vivi Sano onlus, who curated the project. “It was a meticulous restoration together with the Provenzano architects’ study, monitored by the superintendence, with collaboration for the agronomic part of the botanical garden and many supporters.”

But the water lilies’ house is not just a place of well-being; it is also a project of social and work inclusion. Dalila Capone, a psychologist at Vivi Sano and project manager, explains, “We have created a path of social and work inclusion for young people diagnosed with intellectual disabilities. We have trained this group of boys, supported by operators, to serve as a model to acquire methodical strategies to be used independently later on.” Indeed, six special youngsters will take care of the greenhouse, the plants, and act as guides to school groups who will come to visit the greenhouse. Mayor Roberto Lagalla and Green Assessor Pietro Alongi emphasized how “this event explains well how to manage together, how important the collaboration between public and private is. The sense of community is visible to everyone when associations and citizens take care of their own city.” Also present were Bernardo, son of Piersanti Mattarella, for whom the park is named, and the namesake grandson of the president of the Region from 1978 to 1980, assassinated by the mafia during his term.

There will be environmental education and awareness workshops on the promotion and care of common goods, courses and events related to the promotion of psychophysical well-being, cultural events open to the public to be shared with Rotary Club service clubs. To start the program, however, it will be necessary to wait for the end of the general restyling and the total reopening of Mattarella Park, scheduled for September.

Palermo, dopo 15 anni restituita alla città la serra dell’ex Giardino Inglese

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