Acrobat thief steals copper gutter in historic center of Palermo

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New theft in Palermo’s historic center. An acrobat thief managed to dismantle a piece of copper gutter from a building in the center. He was not able to take away the entire gutter because the residents started shouting. It happened around 11 pm yesterday in Vicolo Capraio, corner of Piazza San Nicolo degli Scalzi, near the central station. The man – dark pants and white t-shirt, presumably a North African, according to residents’ reconstruction – after disconnecting the pipe, was stealing another one when he decided to run away. For the building owner, this is not the first theft: a couple of years ago, the copper gutter installed on the side of the building facing Via Fiume was stolen and replaced with a fake copper plastic one. “These streets in the center like Via Fiume, Via Parrocchia dei Tartari, Via Maqueda at the height of Via Case Nuove, Via Milano, Via Torino, and Via Manzoni – says Antonio Nicolao, vice president of the first district, who has disseminated the news – need a greater police presence. For people, the biggest fear is to see these acrobats in their homes.”

Palermo, ladro acrobata ruba una grondaia in rame in centro storico

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