Aci Trezza: Car ends up in sea, rescued by tour operator and revived by firefighters.

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Moments of fear in Aci Trezza for a man who ended up in the sea with his car. The firefighters of the Acireale detachment intervened to rescue the man. The intervention took place just after 2 pm today, April 17, at the Porto Nuovo in Aci Trezza to rescue the man in the water in front of the harbor. The firefighters found the 62-year-old man already on the quay, as some witnesses reported that a tourist operator present at the time of the incident jumped into the water and managed to bring him out of the car. The man was without a heartbeat and not breathing independently. The firefighters started cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers and used the semi-automatic defibrillator present on the rescue vehicle. The intervention served to reactivate the man’s vital signs, who was then entrusted to the personnel of the 118 Service and taken to the hospital. Divers were also deployed on site to check for other people inside the car. The car was then recovered using a crane sent from the central headquarters of the provincial command.

Aci Trezza, finisce in mare con l’auto: portato su da un operatore turistico, rianimato dai vigili del fuoco

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