Aci Sant’Antonio: illegal landfill seized on 4,000 square meter area

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An illegal waste dump, created in a 4,000 square meter area subject to landscape restrictions, was seized by the Carabinieri in Aci Sant’Antonio, in the province of Catania. The agricultural land also housed a parking lot and a camper workshop that was reportedly lacking the necessary authorizations. The land was rented and managed by a 59-year-old local with a criminal record and believed to be connected to the Ercolano-Santapaola mafia family.

In the illegal dump, old abandoned car carcasses were found, some already partially dismantled, two of which were seized, two disused boats, a sandwich van, and a bus used as a hardware storage. Numerous piles of construction material and waste, considered hazardous, were also found deposited on the ground without any treatment to prevent the infiltration of harmful substances into the soil. The military officers therefore reported the manager for creating an illegal dump, with the uncontrolled deposit of waste, including hazardous waste, in an area subject to landscape restrictions. The camper workshop and parking lot will have to regularize their position.

The checks were carried out by Carabinieri officers from the Acireale company, the Aci Sant’Antonio Station, and with the support of the 12th Regiment “Sicilia” Operational Intervention Company, colleagues from the Environmental Operational Unit of Catania, specialized in environmental crimes, and the local police.

Aci Sant’Antonio, sequestrata una discarica abusiva su un’area di 4 mila metri quadri

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