Aci Catena man receives 11.5 kg of drugs from courier, caught and arrested

A 39-year-old man was arrested by the Carabinieri in Aci Catena (Catania) shortly after he had a wooden crate delivered to his house by an unwitting courier. The crate contained 11.5 kilograms of marijuana divided into 10 vacuum-sealed packets. The authorities had been monitoring the man’s residence after learning that he was receiving drugs through deliveries made by unsuspecting courier companies. When a courier van arrived at his home on via della Consolazione to make a delivery to the man’s 44-year-old partner, the Carabinieri intervened. The man attempted to flee but was apprehended. A search of his house revealed a backpack containing 124 grams of cocaine, a precision scale, and a cell phone with two SIM cards. In another residence used by the man on via delle Olimpiadi, the authorities found another backpack containing approximately 500 grams of marijuana, a packet of 7 grams of hashish, and two doses of crack cocaine. Inside the man’s car, the Carabinieri found three grams of cocaine, a dose of hashish, and another precision scale. The man has been handed over to the judicial authorities, who have approved his arrest.

Aci Catena, riceve dal corriere 11 chili e mezzo di droga: scoperto e arrestato

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