Aci Castello outgoing mayor Scandurra awarded by voters

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“Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. The trust that you have decided to give me again is an incentive for me to do better and more. Each vote received has the value of a contract to be fulfilled with perseverance, foresight, competence, and passion.” This is written on Facebook by the outgoing mayor of Aci Castello, Carmelo Camillo Scandurra, a candidate of the center-right, but at the moment, only 4 out of 20 sections have been officially counted on the municipality’s website.

The official, partial data sees him leading with about 59% of the votes, followed by approximately 20% each by Alberto Angelo Bonaccorso, candidate of the PD and M5s, and the former mayor Filippo Maria Drago, supported by two civic lists.

Aci Castello, il sindaco uscente Scandurra premiato dagli elettori

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