8th fan arrested following clashes at Euganeo Stadium in Padua

An eighth 42-year-old fan with prior convictions for stadium-related crimes, brawling, resistance, and injuries, has been arrested in Catania in flagrante delicto. He was involved in the incidents at the Euganeo stadium yesterday evening (Tuesday, March 19) during the Padova-Catania match. Before him, seven fans were arrested for the clashes during the match, which resulted in the injury of eight officers, including four from the Digos and four from the Mobile unit. This is the balance reported by the Veneto police of the operation at the Euganeo stadium, where violent clashes took place last night (Tuesday, March 19) between the ultras of the two teams and law enforcement. The origin of the disturbances was an ultras from Catania who opened the door of the stands, which should have been closed.

Scontri allo stadio Euganeo di Padova, arrestato l’ottavo tifoso

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