70-year-old farmer dies in Canicattì, suffocated by a haystack

Accident at work in Canicattì: a seventy-year-old farmer lost his life after falling into a stack of hay bales. The man was trying to retrieve some chickens when he lost his balance and fell. His family, not hearing from him and noticing he had not returned home, found him in the field where he was working, in the countryside near the border with Racalmuto. They immediately raised the alarm and paramedics from the 118 emergency service arrived on the scene and tried to save him. Unfortunately, resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful, as the farmer died from asphyxiation, suffocated under the weight of the hay bales. He leaves behind a wife and two children. Funeral services will be held today at 3:30 pm at the church of Santo Spirito, in Independence Square.

Last week, in the province of Agrigento, two other farmers were seriously injured while working. The first in Racalmuto: he got stuck between the wheels of the tiller and suffered serious leg injuries. The other incident occurred in Menfi, where a man was working in a plot of land. He was in a rural area when his tractor suddenly overturned, trapping him underneath. Both had to be transported to the hospital by helicopter.

Canicattì, soffocato da una catasta di balle di fieno: muore un agricoltore di settant’anni

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