66-year-old woman beaten by son and forced to stay home out of jealousy: Gela police intervene.

In August, the Carabinieri in Gela intervened in several cases of family violence towards parents. A 66-year-old woman was beaten by her 44-year-old son and forced to stay home due to jealousy. A 24-year-old man abused his parents, violently coercing them to hand over money. A 40-year-old drug addict violated a restraining order and went to his family’s house, threatening and assaulting them while demanding money. Numerous complaints were filed, leading to the authorities taking action. As a result, seven individuals from Gela, Niscemi, and Butera were issued various protective orders, such as eviction from the family home and prohibition from approaching the victim’s usual places.

Donna di 66 anni picchiata dal figlio e costretta a restare a casa per gelosia: intervengono i carabinieri di Gela

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