64-year-old man from Campobello di Licata dies at Agrigento hospital, investigation opened

The prosecutor’s office in Agrigento has opened an investigation into the death of a 64-year-old man from Campobello di Licata, which occurred on March 16th at the San Giovanni di Dio hospital. A doctor, following a complaint from the man’s wife, has been placed under investigation for the alleged crime of manslaughter.

Prosecutor Gaspare Bentivegna has ordered an autopsy, which will be carried out tomorrow afternoon after appointing the forensic doctor Antonino Guajana and oncologist Nello Grassi. The man was suffering from chronic myeloid leukemia. The wife, who has appointed lawyers Antonio Tricoli and Giovanni Agate as her defenders, has reported serious negligence that allegedly occurred during the 4 days her husband was hospitalized for a respiratory problem. She claims that the chest tube was inserted without any anesthesia and incorrectly.

Muore 64enne di Campobello di Licata all’ospedale di Agrigento, aperta un’inchiesta

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