60 Palermo polling station presidents resign for European elections, 50 replacements already found

Before 10 am this morning, Saturday, June 8, in Palermo, about half of the polling stations for the European elections had already been set up. Around sixty polling station presidents did not show up, but by 10 am, fifty replacements had already been identified. The polling station establishment procedures should therefore be completed smoothly for the start of voting operations, scheduled for 3 pm today, thus avoiding the inconveniences that had occurred during the 2022 local elections.

In Messina, the 253 polling stations and nine special polling stations were duly set up this morning (Saturday, June 8) with their respective presidents and scrutineers for today’s European elections, Saturday, June 8, and tomorrow, Sunday, June 9. The presidents of each section received all the necessary material for voting and vote counting. Voting operations will start today, Saturday, June 8, at 3 pm until 11 pm and will continue tomorrow, from 7 am to 11 pm.

For the European elections, 183,586 voters are registered to vote, including 86,684 men and 96,902 women, in addition to 104 voters from the list of EU citizens, including 17 men and 87 women. Voter turnout will be recorded today at 11 pm and tomorrow at 12 pm, 7 pm, and 11 pm, coinciding with the closure of the polling stations, followed by the vote count. The electoral office of the Municipality of Messina has replaced 38 presidents and 308 scrutineers, with one president replaced during the 2019 European elections, six by the Court of Appeal, and 188 scrutineers. In the 2014 European elections, one president and 138 scrutineers were replaced, while 71 scrutineers were replaced in the 2009 European elections.

Elezioni europee, a Palermo rinunciano 60 presidenti di seggio ma 50 sono già stati sostituiti

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