5,000 dairy products worth €100,000 seized in Cammarata dairy factory

Explanation: The article discusses the seizure of dairy products in the province of Agrigento. During a check by the Nas in an agricultural company between Cammarata and Santo Stefano Quisquina, several products without traceability were found. The seized products include five thousand dairy products, mainly cheeses, worth around 100,000 euros. Samples were taken to be examined in specialized laboratories to verify the safety of the cheeses and the storage facility. The dairy farm is owned by a sixty-five-year-old man from Agrigento, who was fined 1,500 euros. A year ago, over 440 kilograms of dairy products were seized in a dairy in Cammarata. Additionally, 10,000 kilograms of cheeses in the ripening phase were temporarily blocked pending the results of laboratory analysis by the Zooprophylactic Institute of Palermo.

Cammarata, cinquemila latticini sequestrati in un caseificio per un valore di centomila euro

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