47 fines issued in three months for abandoned waste in Carini.

In the past three months, 47 fines totaling around 8,000 euros have been issued for waste abandonment in Carini. This is the result of the teamwork between environmental inspectors and the municipal police since August. In addition to these fines, there are another 14 violations that will be reported in November. The inspections are focused on areas that are known for continuous waste abandonment or have been reported by citizens, either to the municipal police or through the Junker app. Various items have been found during these inspections, including waste from neighboring countries and even a toy gun, which was seized and handed over to the police. In Carini, there are eight environmental guards appointed as inspectors, who operate on the streets twice a week for about four hours each day. With the new legislation that has introduced criminal offenses for private citizens who abandon waste on the streets, the entire procedure will need to be reorganized.

A Carini rifiuti abbandonati per strada: 47 multe in tre mesi

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