44-year-old criminal in Catania lures foreign soldier into robbery, accomplice sought

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During the night, in Catania, the police were sent to via Giovanni Di Prima following a report of a theft against a tourist. However, upon arrival, the officers discovered that it was actually a robbery. They spoke to the victim, a foreign military member in the city for official reasons, who informed them that he and 10 colleagues had been approached by a woman at the intersection of via Giovanni Di Prima and via Marraffino. The woman led the victim to via Rocchetti where a man, identified as a non-EU citizen, threatened him with a butterfly knife and stole his phone. The victim fought back and was injured under the chin. The perpetrators fled but the police were able to arrest a woman nearby who was identified by the victim. The victim received medical treatment and reported the incident. The arrested woman, initially providing false information, was identified as a 44-year-old repeat offender and charged with aggravated robbery. The male accomplice is still at large. She was also charged with providing false information to authorities. The prosecutor ordered her to be held in custody pending trial.

Catania, adesca un militare straniero e lo fa rapinare: arrestata pregiudicata di 44 anni, è caccia al complice

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