40,000 euros won in Sicily with the 10eLotto from Grammichele to Augusta and Priolo

The article reports that luck shines on Grammichele, in the province of Catania, thanks to the 10eLotto game. In the draw on Thursday, February 29, €20,000 was won as a result of a “9” in a frequent extraction. €15,000 was also won in Augusta, in the province of Siracusa, thanks to a “7 Double Gold” in a frequent extraction. There was also a win of €5,000 in Priolo Gargallo. The latest 10eLotto draw distributed €20.7 million, for a total of €674 million since the beginning of the year.

Da Grammichele ad Augusta e Priolo: vinti 40 mila euro in Sicilia con il 10eLotto

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