29-year-old man convicted for stalking Agrigento businesswoman in the nightlife sector

The judge of the court of Agrigento, Micaela Raimondo, sentenced Salvatore Russotto, 29 years old, to 3 years and 6 months of imprisonment for charges of stalking and damage to a businesswoman. The man had ended up in prison on July 23, after smashing the outdoor furnishings of the woman’s property in the center of Agrigento.

The case was reported by the supposed victim herself, who had shared on social media that the man, after 3 years in prison, had been acquitted and released because he was deemed incapable of understanding and willing, and had resumed stalking her by stealing her photos and creating fake social media profiles. Following the complaints, he was subjected to a new precautionary measure that prevented him from approaching the woman and communicating with her.

In a few hours, he violated the precautionary measure by damaging chairs, tables, and the window of her business when it was already closed, as well as the woman’s car parked outside her home. The prosecutor requested, and obtained from the judge, the aggravation of the precautionary measure, and the young man was arrested and taken to prison.

In this proceeding, the judge Iacopo Mazzullo ordered a psychiatric evaluation, commissioning Dr. Leonardo Giordano who, unlike in the first trial, recognized a personality disorder but excluded “any mental illness affecting his capacity to understand and will.”

Agrigento, stalking ad imprenditrice della movida: condannato un uomo di 29 anni

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