27-year-old man arrested for drug dealing on Catania waterfront

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The officers from the Borgo Ognina police station arrested a 27-year-old man, originally from Bronte, in the act of the crime of possession with intent to distribute narcotics. During routine patrols, the officers noticed a suspicious man in a car parked on Alcide De Gasperi street, just a few steps away from a school and a playground. They decided to conduct a search, given the man’s previous drug dealing offenses. The search revealed 62 transparent bags of marijuana and 11 bags of hashish hidden inside the car and a backpack on the back seat, already divided into doses for sale. Inside the backpack, they also found 460 euros. The man attempted to erase data from his phone to delete any incriminating evidence. The phone was seized for further investigation, which revealed that drug requests were made to him through WhatsApp.

Catania, sorpreso a spacciare droga sul lungomare: arrestato un uomo di 27 anni

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