23 arrested in blitz against Nebrodi mafia: names revealed

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The 21 people arrested after the police operation against the Nebrodi mafia are: Carmelo Bontempo Scavo, 46 years old; Salvatore Bontempo Scavo, 56 years old; Sebastiano Bontempo Scavo, 31 years old; Sebastiano Bontempo Scavo, 52 years old; Antonino Calabrese, 71 years old; Alfio Cammareri, 50 years old; Paolo Cancelliere, 40 years old; Signorino Conti Taguali, 44 years old; Cesare Costanzo Zammataro, 32 years old; Giuseppe Costanzo Zammataro, 47 years old; Antonino Daniele Faranda, 48 years old; Leone Faranda, 34 years old; Carmelo Galati Massaro, 49 years old; Salvatore Giglia, 56 years old; Rosario Iuculano, 63 years old; Basilio Lionetto, 36 years old; Salvatore Roberto Parlagreco, 43 years old; Alessandro Taranto, 32 years old; Fortunato Taranto, 68 years old; Giuseppe Taranto, 43 years old; Marco Taranto, 36 years old.

Two people are under house arrest: Giuseppe Furnari, 60 years old, and Giuseppe Giletto, 55 years old.

The charges brought by the Messina prosecutor’s office include: criminal association, extortion, fraudulent transfer of assets, fraud against the state, money laundering and self-money laundering, misappropriation of public funds, ideological forgery (against a public official), and attempted private violence.

Il blitz contro la mafia dei Nebrodi: ecco i nomi dei 23 arrestati

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