21-year-old man denounced for possession of a switchblade at Villa Bellini in Catania

A 21-year-old from Paternò, in the province of Catania, was reported for illegal possession of weapons or objects capable of causing harm. The Carabinieri from the station in Piazza Verga intervened at the Catania park of Villa Bellini. The reinforcement plan, in place for about a week, also includes patrols by the Carabinieri on horseback, based in Rome, supporting their colleagues in Catania. This initiative was organized by the provincial command to enhance security during the festive days for those enjoying the beauty of the historic center and city parks. The attention of the Carabinieri on horseback was drawn to a woman seeking help to stop a violent altercation between her 56-year-old partner and a stranger, later identified as the young man from Paternò. The Carabinieri managed to separate the two parties after a difficult intervention. The altercation stemmed from trivial reasons and misunderstandings following a money request from a beggar to the couple and then to the 21-year-old. The young man, thinking the homeless person was directed towards him by the 56-year-old, physically attacked the man. After clarifying the situation, the Carabinieri noticed that the 21-year-old started bleeding from the nose and required medical attention from the emergency services. However, his attitude raised suspicion, leading to further checks by the Carabinieri. The young man, realizing the impending search, reluctantly took out a 16-centimeter folding knife and a quantity of marijuana from his pocket, resulting in legal action and a report to the Catania prefecture as a drug user. In addition to the charges, the hospital personnel diagnosed a broken nose, which will heal in about twenty days.

Catania, lite a Villa Bellini, 21enne denunciato in possesso di un coltello a serramanico

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