18-year-old from Syracuse dies of a sudden illness in Catania, friends in shock: “Our hearts are broken”

He died at only eighteen years old after being struck by a sudden illness. It would have been a heart attack that killed Kevin Fiorentino, a young man from Syracuse who was staying in a community in Catania. When the alarm was raised from the facility, the 118 health workers intervened and tried everything to save the boy, but there was nothing they could do for him.

A news that has shocked the whole city, throwing all those who knew Kevin into despair. In these hours, many have shared their pain on social media. Among the friends and relatives of the young man there is immense disbelief: “What happened to you has destroyed my heart – writes Eleonora – and there are really no words. I saw you born and grow up, you were like a son to all of us, kind and polite, I dare not imagine the pain of your family. I embrace the family strongly. I always saw you with your girlfriend, you were beautiful. My thoughts also go to your little beloved brother. Such a thing cannot be accepted. Have a safe journey, my love, we will always carry you in our hearts, mister snack.”

And again: “Kevin, we can’t believe it. How is it possible that all this happened? Your smile, your jokes, your zest for life will be missed by everyone. Life is unfair, you were and will be the most beautiful angel,” is the message from his friend Toni. Meanwhile, Kevin’s friends have organized a moment to remember him: they lit torches and made a large banner with the words “Kevin lives with us.”

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