18-year-old arrested in Palermo for attempting to steal parts of a children’s amusement park.

The police foiled a theft at a children’s amusement park in the Santa Rosalia Village neighborhood in Palermo. An eighteen-year-old, D.A.P., had opened a gap in the fence of the structure in broad daylight, starting to pile up iron panels, sheets, and electrical spare parts for the rides. The young man was arrested.

Police officers from the Oreto and Centro police station noticed a motoape nearby and checked the area. The stolen material was returned to the rightful owner, who was contacted by the agents in the meantime. The young man will have to answer for the crime of attempted aggravated theft. The measure was validated by the judge of Palermo.

Tenta di rubare pezzi delle giostre in un parco per bambini, arrestato diciottenne a Palermo

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