18 layoffs announced at Scarpe & Scarpe in Palermo, Forzinetti: “We will try to save jobs”

The municipal councillor for Business Activities, Giuliano Forzinetti, states that they will do their best to prevent the 18 layoffs announced last May by the company Scarpe e Scarpe. They are in constant contact with the workers and unions, and in the coming days, they will propose some solutions. They have requested a meeting with both the company operating within the shopping center and the property owner, Multi veste Italy 4. They hope that both parties will be willing to engage in dialogue with the administration. They are puzzled by the decision to cease the productive unit, as the store has shown good commercial results so far. They also want clarity on the commercial relationships between the two parties and will seek possible solutions to respect the dignity of all 18 workers involved. They suspect that these relationships may be regulated with business transfers rather than lease contracts, potentially eluding legal protections.

L’annuncio dei 18 licenziamenti di Scarpe & Scarpe a Palermo, Forzinetti: «Proveremo a salvare i posti di lavoro»

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